Full list of forum search results?

I did a search here in the forum, and received 74 results for Forum Posts. But I can only seem to select the first 10 in the drop down menu. I’m not taken to a page or anything showing me all the results.

How do I see the full list?

I think this is the current state of the search. The Fuse team is working on a new search.


Yeah, we’re sorry about the less than stellar user experience regarding search at the moment. Fixing this is a high priority and something we’ll get on as soon as we’re done doing some improvements to our documentation handling - and this work should hopefully start early in december.

As a quickfix, I’ve rolled out a small update that adds pagination to the search result here now. It isn’t pretty, but at least it lets you go past the first ten results of the search :slight_smile:


Oh great, thanks! Yeah what you’ve implemented is just fine for now. Much appreciated :slight_smile: