Forum feature request

Hi All,

Again – I LOVE your product.

My requests are to make the web forum more user friendly.

  • Can you add a feature to see your own posts? It’s very difficult to find mine, and I’ve been checking to see if & when they get replied to

  • Can you turn the Forums > Search into its own results page? It’s nearly impossible to use when searching for help. For instance, 2 weeks ago, I asked a question that’s come up before, but I had no way of knowing this because you can’t see the search results very well in its current mini-box.

Thanks, Ryan

Hey Ryan! The current forum is pretty bad, we know :slight_smile: In fact, we know this so well we’ve been working for some time already on its replacement, and the good news it’s coming very, very soon! Both of your issues above, as well as a host of other improvements, will be included.

Since it’s hard to believe people on the internet, here are a few screengrabs from our development server (featuring placeholder kittens and a variety of lorem ipsum generated text :slight_smile:

New forum overview:

New thread view w/actions:

You guys rock!