Freelancer / Fuse Consultant Opportunity: App development assistance, Simple Map Prototype

I represent Trak, an ed tech startup seeking to empower local economies through student achievement and personalized career solutions. We’re a small but multi-disciplinary design+development shop, with myself serving as the head of product and I have medium familiarity with Fuse. Although I am familiar with variety of languages and architecture concepts, I am less familiar with the MVVM model and javascript. That being said I wanted to see if there were any consultants available to help us in one or two primary areas:

Standard Fuse Assistance:

  • Providing one off debugging assistance and general best practice architecture advice
  • I would imagine a workload of 5 - 10 hours a week, depending on competency, for about a month, month and a half
  • Happy to communicate mainly over Slack, asynchronously as long as responses are reasonably timely and evidence of work and progress are clear
  • Large Timezone differences are acceptable, although there probably should be a couple hours of overlap. I typically work from 7 am through 6pm US eastern time and can get on Slack/Hangouts at a later time if need be.
  • Commit to a private github repository, use github standard practices for development (fork, PR, etc), well documented UX/Javascript
  • Offshore okay
  • Must be willing to sign an NDA regarding Trak content and app development
  • Good English proficiency
  • Our exact needs can be developed further in one on one conversation to better scope the work/requirements.

Exploratory Proof of Concept Assistance:

  • At Trak we’re considering prototyping a simple but stylish scrolling map (think: 2Dots ( that can spawn various interactive modal screens.
  • We’ve been advised that a more game like 2.5 isometric, with parallax, map is not realistic and to tone down the concept, or avoid it all together. The goal here is to prototype an attractive, performant solution that integrates with Fuse as a Page that loads various art assets and simple pathways an icon can traverse. Ideally this is something that can be entirely prototyped within Fuse.
  • There has been no development to date and we’ve yet to user test the concept with our partners, so the work is very preliminary
  • In regards to skills, experience making 2d games, etc. would be important. The maps, map layout are static and an icon progresses across the map in a single, linear sequence (although branching might be allowed later on). There are multiple maps a user can navigate.
  • Our exact needs can be developed further in one on one conversation to better scope the work/requirements.

Feel free to reply to this thread or contact me directly at Examples of prior experience are important for us to see/assess.

i’m interested. Check some of my fuse code at

Thanks Aleme, I’ve pm’ed you on Fuse Slack, will follow up this week