Hiring expert developer by hour to have skype calls

Hello Fuse community,

I am just starting using Fusetools as my main app development framework and sometimes I get stuck in some areas of the development - specially in JavaScript.
So I am looking for an experienced programmer to have regular Skype calls in order to ask questions about the framework and programming in general for which I am willing to pay per hour spent.

My background is in finance, I am not a programmer - however, I finished a couple of months ago an intensive web development bootcamp in which I learned a lot, but of course I am still far away from being a pro developer.

I am located in Ireland, so preferably the person should be located in the EMEA region but I guess I can always work something out time wise for the right candidate.

If you find the job interesting and want to apply via Upwork (preferred way) please follow this link

If you want to talk to me directly please send me an email to development@benfont.com just detailing your experience with Fuse and JS and how much do you charge per hour…

I hope I am not breaking any rules in the forum by posting this!

Many thanks for your time…