File upload (PC) or iOS even better

I want to do an editor for my app, which would upload images as well.

I want to do a file select something like <input type="file"> so you can select the image on the PC (since you have pc as a target as well), and upload it.

However, I dont know what control to use to get that type of widget / control.

All the forum is focused on is taking an image with the camera and uploading it.

How would you do this?

It’s not really clear what you want to achieve – can you be more specific?

file select use Camera Roll?

Ok, that would work for images, what about audio files?


It sounds like a solution would be for you to build your own custom UX control for this. It likely won’t work on PC since Fuse apps are primarily meant to be run on iOS and Android.

If I were you, I would look into using FileSystem module to create a generic file browser, although you might need to figure out how to grant your app permissions to access files outside of the app folder. Maybe android permissions article helps you with that. In your custom control, you could figure out yourself exactly what should happen when the user clicks on particular file types, be it images, audio or whatever else.

Take a look at this example to see how you could go about creating that file browser.

Hey this is awesome, I can see all my filez!

I am using it as an editor to populate out the DB so it will be working out of my PC, so no Android issues.

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for!