Facebook integration - interApp.onReceivedUri not being called

I have this JavaScript:

        var interApp = require('FuseJS/InterApp');
        interApp.onReceivedUri = function (uri) {
            debug_log("received " + uri);

And this in my .uxl:


This code is called in my AppDelegate:

-(BOOL)application:(UIApplication _)application openURL:(NSURL_ )url sourceApplication:(NSString _)sourceApplication annotation:(id)annotation_


But this is running the false part of _jsInitialized and I don’t understand why:


void InterApp::OnReceivedUri(uObject `sender, uString _uri)

if (InterApp::_jsInitialized())
    uPtr(InterApp::_onReceivedUri())->RaiseAsync(uArray::Init<uObject_>(::TYPES[3/_object[]_/], 1, uri));
    ::g::Uno::Collections::List__Add_fn(uPtr(InterApp::_cachedUris()), uri);


I now suspect that InterApp is not working. Do you have working test-cases?


Is not working for me.

There were some issues with InterApp in 0.9.4, they are fixed in 0.9.5, which can be downloaded from https://www.fusetools.com/downloads.