Extend Each-Limit at the end of a ScrollView

Currently I am fetching a lot of data and display it with Each in a ScrollView:

      <Text Value="{content}" />

To increase the performance, I would like to limit the Each-Class by using Limit="10" but increase the Limit everytime I reach the end of my ScrollView.
Is there any build in option for this?

Why yes, of course there is: ScrollViewPager.

Or if you want to get your hands dirty with some JavaScript, there’s this example.

That was exactly what I was looking for, thank you!
I would like to combine this feature with the PullToReload feature.
Just like in the Pull To reload Example.

But the ScrollViewPager, as mentioned in the docs, only works with a StackPanel and shows a very strange behaviour, when trying to use it with a DockPanel.

Do you have any idea how I can still dock my Reload-Panel to the top?

Nevermind, I was able to fix it myself :-).