Example app using a REST Api

A lot of us don’t use parse at all, I work for sony on the playstation network for my day job and would love to use fuse in our next hackathon.

I have read the docs a lot and it’s still unclear how to accomplish these basic features and what the design pattern is.

If you guys have the bandwidth, I personally would love to see an example that’s paired with sample rest api maybe with or nodejs/rails.

Just a simple app that can do this.

• CRUD operations from different resources • Token based Authentication

If this can be accomplished, I can hook this up into the PSN and create something to show off with the execs.

Hi there.

There will probably pop up some examples like this in the near future, but until then you could take a look at https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/XMLHttpRequest (which we point to from the FuseJS docs). It might have what you need :slight_smile:

Any REST api example with CURD and authentication?

This is a simple example showing github authentication https://github.com/fusetools/fuse-samples/tree/master/Samples/GithubOAuth

That’s one below par example. The post parameters directly in the URI, who does that anymore.
We’re missing an example where POST data is sent properly in the body… Just a thought.

If you need a more mature solution please look at the following GitHub Repo:

Which is a JS framework for interacting with REST endpoints.

Also worth mentioning that I have no idea what Fusetools does and does not support in terms of JavaScript, so you may also need this Fetch polyfill.

Fuse supports fetch so any example or lib involving that would work.

You work with REST APIs in fuse exactly the same way you would on the web or in any other JS framework, just google any relevant example/tutorial, e.g. https://www.sitepoint.com/introduction-to-the-fetch-api/