Error with Multiline Password TextInput

The conditions for the error to occur are very “unusual”, but the underlying cause might be more relevant.

There is an error that occur in TextInput with the MultiLine and Password enabled (I don’t know why you would want this, but there’s still a bug).

If the position of a new char is higher than the position of the last char in the shortest line. (IE. If you write an line of 10 chars and on the next line you try to type 11.) The app will crash.

edit This might just have to do with the preview, I havn’t tested it on a device.

“ERROR: Index was outside the bounds of the array.”

However you will be able to write longer lines by moving the “cursor” position to the front of the line and write up to the position of the shortest line again.

Also for some reason in a multiline password all characters in the same position as a recently typed one is revealed.

Hi! Thanks for reporting, we are working on this issue now :slight_smile: