alternative function

Hi Any alternative function instead of keyPress?


Could you be a bit more specific?

OK. I want to get multiline text input, and when it has 30 character, move bottom line so I add \n. but there is a problem when I press backspace couldn’t move top line back, because of valuechanged doesn’t work same as keyPress I think, so couldn’t get last character entered. I try something (actually everything) but failed.


 var res=String.fromCharCode(8);

 if(message.value.length>0 && message.value.length%30==0)


 if(mesaj.value[l-1] == "\n")
 sub.value=mesaj.value.substr(0,l-1);  -->> If erase \n it may be fix, but it didn't work.

if(mesaj.value[l-1] == res)
<TextInput Value="{message}" IsMultiline="true" Opacity=".35" ValueChanged="{messageSeparate}" Width="100%" />

something like this.

I hope it’s clear.