error while building to android using OS X

I am using a fuse with version 0.35.0 , i am also using OS X Seirra and my project was perfect when i make the build command
but i need to do something i don’t remember and one of your fuse members says you must to run this command before anything “fuse install android”

After that when i build my project to android using this command “fuse build --target=Android --configuration=Release”
the terminal give me that error

Uno 0.46.1 (build 4840) OS X 10.12 i386 3caace9

Configuring (1.2 s)
Compiling syntax tree (5.1 s)
Generating code and data (11.1 s)
Building Android app
ERROR: GCC 4.9 or 4.8 was not found in ‘/toolchains/arm-linux-androideabi-4.**’.


(unknown): E0200: Android build failed
(0.1 s)

Build completed in 17.44 seconds
1 error

fuse: Errors were encountered while building the project