Error: Process com."..." was not found


After running “preview -t=android” my app won’t run, in fact, the takes a lot of time to build, sometimes it takes 10min, and then, it says "build ended, installing apk on 1 device, launching activity “myapp”, then “Error: Process com.myapp was not found”

Can someone explain why is this happening ?




We’ve had a bug where our APK launcher terminates with that error message before the app has had enough time to start on the device. This was recently fixed, but might not yet be released.

Building (generated C++ code) is known to be slow at this point, especially on Android. This is something we’re working on, and one of our longer term goals is to make the build process significantly faster.

Thanks for reporting!

This issue should be fixed in Fuse 0.11. Please let us know if you experience it again after upgrading.