Empty app does not run in ie11

When building an empty app for webgl, it fails to run in ie11 (runs fine in edge, firefox and chrome)

1: the open-sans default font does not seem to be a proper webfont (at least not in IEs definition… (this also fails in the edge browser)

2: Object does not support this action in TrackAnimator.js:14

(this._vectorValue = new Uno.Float4;)

3: It also sometimes fail to load all the fonts for some reason, escpecially the robotocondensed fonts defined in the default theme. This makes it fail to start up, as the AsyncCount never reaches 0.

You can test here:


Hi Håvard, thanks for reporting! I guess the font issues are similar to the ones mentioned here? https://www.fusetools.com/developers/forums/bug_reports/internet_explorer_fails_to_load_webgl_builds If so then the workaround might be to simply use a different set of fonts, possibly by defining a new theme?

Yes, absolutely, issue 1 is easy to work around. However the fail to load fonts (issue 3) has happened to me with other fonts as well.

Ah thanks, I missed that part. I’ll file tickets for all of these. :slight_smile: