Edit data on full screen

I was reviewing the example Inbox


Very good example, but as I can do to open the detail page of the message in a full screen for editing


There are a lot of ways to do this. We don’t have a written example based on the inbox example, but you could for example use a Panel to contain your editor, and an Observable in javascript to hold the active message. When you click a message you set the active message, and somehow animate to the editor panel (Use PageControl, Move, Change or any other transition).

Take a look at the other examples to learn more: https://www.fusetools.com/examples

Example from fusecommunity slack:

<PageControl Active="{active_page}">
    <Page Name="login">
        ... login page here ...
    <Page Name="main">
        ... main page here ...
    <Page Name="error">
        ... error page here ...

Then you can control that in JS:

var active_page = Observable("login");