EdgeNavigator.dismiss() any help how to get the dismiss to work

onDetail: function() {
	<EdgeNavigator ux:Class="SideMenu">
		<Panel ux:Name="sidebar" Edge="Left" Width="70%" Margin="0,0,56,0" Background="#37474F">
			<Shadow ux:Name="shadow" Angle="131" Distance="8" Size="16" Color="#0000" />
				<Change shadow.Color="#0004" />
				<Change sidebarFade.Opacity="1" />
			<Button Text="back" Padding="20" Clicked="{onDetail}" />
		<DockPanel Color="#263238">
			<Rectangle ux:Name="sidebarFade" Layer="Overlay" Color="#0005" Opacity="0" HitTestMode="None" />
			<StackPanel Dock="Top" Color="#2196F3">
				<Shadow Size="3" Distance="1" />
				<Panel Height="56">
					<Hamburger Alignment="Left">
							<NavigateToggle Target="sidebar" />

Hi Harris,

you will want to call the .dismiss() method on the ux:Name of that EdgeNavigator, not the sidebar. Be sure you do that from the right (component-local) data context.