Accessing EdgeNavigator from anywhere

I want to open and close the EdgeNavigator form anywhere, in pages and components rather than only being able to access it from Main.ux

Say on the MainView.ux I have

<EdgeNavigator ux:Name="TheEdge" >
		<Panel ux:Name="sidebar" Edge="Left" Width="250" Margin="0,0,100,0" Color="{Resource PrimaryColor}">
			<Shadow ux:Name="shadow" Angle="180" Distance="0" Size="56" Color="#0000" />
				<Change shadow.Color="{Resource PrimaryTextColor}" />
			<StackPanel Margin="0,50,0,0">
				<MenuText Value="Page 1" Clicked="{gotoPage1}" />
				<MenuText Value="Page 2" Clicked="{gotoPage2}" />
		<Navigator DefaultPath="page1" ux:Name="TheNav">
			<Page1 ux:Template="page1" router="router" Title="Page 1" />
			<Page2 ux:Template="page2" router="router" Title="Page 2" />

What can I do to invoke the Activation of the side menu from either xml or javascript other than the MainView.ux?

Hi! EdgeNavigator has a property called Active which you could data-bind to JS.
You can then switch between “sideBar” and “TheNav” from JavaScript to go back and forth.