Hi Fusers,

Can someone help me out here?! I have a tab bar with a number of pages. Inside one of the page, I have an EdgeNavigator. I really like the swiping and smoothness of the EdgeNavigator, which’ll be difficult to recreate myself. But the problem with the EdgeNavigator is that it doesn’t instantiate when needed. This is a big problem because my tab page is bundle reading some json AND the EdgeNavigator is also Bundle reading json … thus when navigating to the tab, both the js on the tab page and EdgeNavigator loads synchronously … slowing down the ui badly. The Navigator does a great job on this and I could use the back button to close the slideout.

Any suggestions as how I could combined the powers of an EdgeNavigator with the Navigator and solve this performance issue?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Elisabeth,

This sounds like performance issues we have already identified and eliminated. The fixes will roll out in a near future release (probably 0.22). Let us know if the problem persists after that.


That’s Great News. Should have posted earlier instead of spending whole day trying to figure something out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Anders! Can’t wait!