Disabling overscroll on Scrollviews

Is there a way of stopping a scrollview from being dragged beyond its min/max constraints? (ie disabling the “rubberbanding” effect)

At first glance it seemed that the SnapMinTransform/SnapMaxTransform properties would control this, but they don’t appear to have any effect here so it seems I have misunderstood.

Hi! ScrollViewMotion with Overflow="Clamp" is what you want:

    <ScrollViewMotion Overflow="Clamp" />

Awesome, cheers

The docs list that property as being called Motion, so I had attempted using a <Motion> tag

For complex properties like this, is it always a concat of the class name, followed by the property name?

No, Motion is only the name of the property, which has the type MotionConfig.
The ScrollViewMotion class inherits from MotionConfig, so any ScrollViewMotion object is also a MotionConfig object.

Since the types match up, UX automatically binds the ScrollViewMotion object to the Motion property, which means you don’t have to specify the name of the property at all.

You could use ux:Binding to provide the name of the property manually, which makes it more explicit:

    <ScrollViewMotion ux:Binding="Motion" />

Ahh, interesting. Thanks!