Change Overflow to Clamp In ScrollingAnimation

How we change the overflow config in scrolling animation?

<ScrollView ux:Name="scrollView" ClipToBounds="true">
    <ScrollViewMotion Overflow="Elastic" />

    <ScrollingAnimation From="0" To="-1000">
        <Scale Target="coverBackground" Factor="4" />
    <ScrollingAnimation From="height(this)">
        // change the overflow => clamp at here <----------------
        <iOS.StatusBarConfig Style="Dark" Animation="Slide" IsVisible="False" />

It appears that all you need to achieve the thing you are after is setting a SnapMaxTransform="false" on the ScrollView. That will keep the top overflow elastic, but clamp at the bottom:

    <ScrollView SnapMaxTransform="false">
        <StackPanel Height="2000" Color="#18f" Margin="8" />

As for changing things when you’ve scrolled away from the start of a ScrollView by a given distance, use WhileScrolled instead:

<ScrollView ux:Name="sv">
    <WhileScrolled To="Start" Within="height(sv)" Invert="true">
        <DebugAction Message="scrolled away from the start of ScrollView by the distance of its height" />

Hope this helps!

super thanks (::inlove::slight_smile: