Deployment to Android devices

When I tried to download ant, it tolds me that"The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found." Then I download the ant from the website and use command line to compile the ant. Then when I change the deployment target to Android, it still prompt me to download the ant.

Hey, thank you for reporting this bug. It looks like the URL has expired. Please download apache from here: Delete this folder %programdata%\Uno\SDKs\Ant, and extract Ant into %programdata%\Uno\SDKs. Then rename apache-ant-1.9.6 to Ant. Hopefully this will work.

I was able to work around the 404 error by:

  1. Downloading the Ant files (
  2. Deleting the .progress file already existing in: “C:\ProgramData\Uno\SDKs\Ant”
  3. Extracting the contents of the “apache-ant-1.9.5-bin” folder (meaning the bin folder, etc.), to the folder where the .progress file was.