Data binding failed. No object named LoginScreen of type Fuse.Node found

Hi all! I am working on an app on fuse and it was going great till i updated my installation to build 0.11. The local preview was working perfectly fine but since the update, I keep getting warnings saying:

Data binding failed. No object named "LoginScreen" of type Fuse.Node found

So I just get a blank screen with background and the elements of the LoginScreen never show up on the screen when I try to preview the app locally. I am on a Windows 8.1 machine.

This is all i get. It previously showed the two text boxes and button of the login screen (before updating to build 0.11).

In my code, i have a ux:class called LoginScreen. It is referenced in the MainView.ux file inside a panel with the same name (ux:Name) of the screen. Here’s the relevant code snippet:

MainView.ux file

< App Theme="Basic">
    < StatusBarBackground />
    < Panel>
        < DirectNavigation Active="{RootNavigation}" />

            <Panel ux:Name="self">                <ExitingAnimation>
                    <!-- exiting anim code -->

        <Panel ux:Name="LoginScreen">
            <!-- pass the navigation controller to the page as a property -->
            <LoginScreen NavigationController="{RootNavigation}" />
        <Panel ux:Name="SignUpScreen">
            <!-- pass the navigation controller to the page as a property -->
            <SignUpScreen NavigationController="{RootNavigation}" />
        <!--Other 'screens' are referenced after this in a similar fashion-->
 < /App>

and in LoginScreen.ux i have:

 < Panel ux:Class="LoginScreen" ux:Name="self"> 
     < string ux:Property="NavigationController"/>    < !--login screen's markup goes here--> < /Panel>

Am I missing something? I really dont see what’s causing the issue… Please any help would be really appreciated! This was working perfectly fine until i updated Fuse to the 0.11 build

Cheers :slight_smile:


I need to see more code to figure out what’s wrong. Can you upload a complete test case ?

Hello Anders!

Thanks for the prompt reply. Here’s a stripped-down version of the project I made with the same basic stuff, giving the same warning and result upon building. I kept the navigation structure of the original project intact - my gut says that’s where the problem could be rooting from.

Please download the rar package from the link below:

Here’s the build result when trying to preview locally,

Once again, many thanks for looking into this!



Thanks for the test case. I will debug tomorrow

Awesome! Thanks a bunch :slight_smile: