Custom URI support in WebView

Hello! This issue has been discussed previously three months ago in the forums + Slack, and since there hasn’t been an update (that i’m aware of) I’d like to bring this up again. Currently the WebView halts to an error page “web page not available” instead of passing the URI to an InterApp process and opening the corresponding external app. Because the WebView halts on this error, there’s no way of getting the URI manually from the WebView since it’s not presented in the Url. I found a dirty way of getting this URI (by stripping it from the WebView source) but it doesn’t work on all Android devices because they use different browsers for the WebView.

Is there an update coming to this issue or can I use Foreign Code to rewrite shouldOverrideUrlLoading on WebView to process URI’s?

Hi Matti.

We have a ticket about this, but there hasn’t been much progress on it.

Feel free to track progress and add your thoughts there.

Thanks for the reply! I asked about this in Slack and I guess Sunjammer is/was working on this? Any comments from him?

Yes, he was. And no, there aren’t any comments. This is all about prioritisation, so please go ahead and explain your use case in that ticket I linked, so that the People Who Know understand the importance of the feature.

This needs a fix so pumping it up.