create notification with local notification

I’m working on a new application, and this app has a notification service to connect a delivery of goods or something similar.
I have a problem that when used Localy Notifications

i called the function send now but when the notification received in ( receivedMessage ) the notification does not appear at the top of the screen, only the notification text is printed in the console and is not displayed at the top of the screen as in the applications we see.

this is my code and the result screen :


    var LocalNotify = require("FuseJS/LocalNotifications");
    var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
    var resultSendNow = Observable("");
    var resultOnReceivedMessage = Observable("");
    LocalNotify.on("receivedMessage", function(payload) {
    	resultOnReceivedMessage.value = "Received Local Notification: " + payload;
        console.log("Received Local Notification: " + payload);

    function sendLater() {
        LocalNotify.later(4, "Finally!", "4 seconds is a long time", "hmm?", true);

    function sendNow() {
    	resultSendNow.value = "sendNow Called";"Boom!", "Just like that", "payload", true);
   module.exports = {
        sendNow: sendNow,
        sendLater: sendLater,
        resultSendNow: resultSendNow,
        resultOnReceivedMessage: resultOnReceivedMessage,
    <TopFrameBackground DockPanel.Dock="Top" />
            <Button Clicked="{sendNow}" Text="Send notification now" Height="60"/>
            <Button Clicked="{sendLater}" Text="Send notification in 4 seconds" Height="60"/>
            <Text Value="{resultSendNow}" />
            <Text Value=" r= {resultOnReceivedMessage}" />
    <BottomBarBackground DockPanel.Dock="Bottom" />

This is the result screen :

but what i need is like this :

can any one help me ?

The docs state, specifically:

One last thing to note about both now and later, is that they will not deliver a notification to the user if the app is open. Instead, they will trigger the receivedMessage event silently.

yes i understood now , thank u i am sorry :slight_smile: