Controls as Masks/Stencil


As far as I could tell, there’s currently no way to use generic controls (eg. Rectangle) as masks. If so, is this a planned feature?

Meanwhile, I could use custom shaders to achieve these kinds of effects… If I actually understood how to get started with Uno. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, I can see several interesting classes in the API Reference, but I’m quite lost. The guides talk about how to compile and create UX tags, but that’s about it. How to get render targets and actually draw polygons? How are they related to the UX tree? What about the draw/block/etc language primitives?

I understand this is a beta and that kind of documentation is probably being worked on, but I’d really appreciate at least some examples of the Uno language in action. Perhaps the implementation of a simple custom shader would be a great kickstart.

Have you got any pointers on how to start actually using Uno?

Thank you!


We already have a <Mask> tag:

It requires an image file as mask though, it can’t use another element as mask. However, this feature has been discussed and will probably pop up at some point.

I’ve filed a Examples on how to draw custom things with Uno. It’s a bit too complicated to just give an example of here in this thread.