Connect to an API

Hi I developing a app that gather information of themoviedb API. This API have diferents API Wrappers & Libraries in many languages (like javascript, c#, IOS, Java, PHP, etc). Its posible with UNO connect to any of these libraries? Wich is the best way to proceed?

If I can connect to this API how can I create with UNO a Panel that Append to other Panel?

Thanks! There is any example or tutorial that helpme with that?

Here are the diferents API Wrappers & Libraries

I think the best way to solve this is to wrap their API in UNO with HTTP and JSON. For the time being there are no tutorials yet on how to use these APIs, but they should be straight forward if you are familiar with HTTP and JSON from other languages like C# and Java.

In the future it will be possible to use the existing wrappers with UXL (Uno eXtension Language) and the binding generatos for iOS and Android. But these features are not ready for release.

You are asking for a Panel that can append to other Panels, I guess you are thinking of a way to poulate your UI based on a datasource. This has to be done from UNO code. A databinding framework is in the making, so in the future you can expect a nice solution to this problem as well :slight_smile:

Ok thanks! I will wait the UX data binding API. I try to wrap their API in UNO with HTTP and JSON. But did not work. Perhaps with more documentation and examples could do.


Not sure how relevant it is, but I did a really simple app that got the zip-code for a location in Norway. If you’re interested, check out the code here:

Thank you! Its very useful see examples! And see how Fuse interacts with external content!

Always the examples are well welcome :slight_smile: