I have a problem in my app with Clicked and LongPressed. I reproduce my problem here:

When I do a LongPressed and I release the finger the app register a LongPressed and a Clicked. This is fine?
How can I register only a LongPressed?

    var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");

    var Action = Observable("...");

    function LongPressed() {
        Action.value = "LongPressed";

    function Clicked() {
        Action.value = "Clicked";

    module.exports = {
        Action: Action,
        Clicked: Clicked,
        LongPressed: LongPressed,

    <StackPanel Alignment="VerticalCenter">
        <Text TextAlignment="Center" Value="{Action}" />
        <Panel Background="#000" Height="50" Width="200" Margin="10">
            <Clicked Handler="{Clicked}" />
            <LongPressed Handler="{LongPressed}" />

            <Text TextColor="#fff" TextAlignment="Center" Alignment="VerticalCenter" Value="Click/LongPress" />

That is fine. For different behaviour, you can use either Tapped or Pressed.