Clicked Behavior

In the new version of Fuse (0.1.2214) that in the changelog says: “Any element/node can now have a Clicked trigger; it is not limited to just Button anymore.”

I try to put a Clicked behavior to a image but dont work! I try like this:

<Image Clicked="MyClicked" />

In Uno:

void MyClicked(object sender, ClickedArgs args)


But I get an error.

The < Tapped > or < Clicked > trigger dont work because I want to trigger a ManualTrigger and then desactivate with another element… The Pointer Pressend It does not work beacause I need that the trigger work on pressed and released the element.

Its posible to put a clicked behavior in any element in this version?


Yes, but Clicked is not a trigger and not an event, the syntax is:

    <Clicked Handler="MyClicked" />

Thanks! Perfect!