Clear problems

I just realized there is no Clear button in the Problems Panel. That would be nice to have.

Update: I also saw the text is not selectable which makes copy-pasting and googling errors a bit harder

The entries in Problems tab disappear by themselves upon reify when you manage to solve the underlying problem. So, if, for example, a data-binding was missing and you added it, that problem will just go away upon a file save. It doesn’t make much sense to have a “Clear” option there if all of the cleared problems just creeped back up after a reload.

As for copy-pasting from Log and Problems, that’s a known issue and we are looking forward to improve on that in a future release of Fuse.

Fair enough. That makes sense

But to be clear, the Problems are just Warnings? If so maybe they should be marked as such just to avoid any confusions

for example I get many data context “problems” such as

Based on what I found searching the forums those might happen if variables/functions are not included in module.exports, but in my case they are, and I don’t know if this is something I should worry about (resolve somehow) or just ignore

No, generally they are not just warnings, but actual problems.

What you’re seeing, the X not found in data context is thrown when a data-binding in UX can not resolve the variable in JS data context. That usually is caused by not including things in module.exports.

However, when you get THAT many of those, it usually hints that Studio has landed in a bad state after a number of reifies. You should execute fuse kill-all + uno clean and rebuild the project to see if that gets rid of the problems. This of course should not happen, and is a stability issue that we are aware of and are working on to improve.

Would be useful too it the Locate text button worked too. I had a list of similar problems that I managed to rectify but still have 5 instances of: Cannot convert “” to target type “Uno.Float4”. Despite my best efforts I haven’t been able to locate where the problems lie in my code.

Also when I restart the app in preview Problems reports a long list of “{x} not found in data context” which then clear automatically when the app has finished restarting (leaving only the 5 mentioned above). Are these real problems, or just transient warnings while fuse is restarting and working out the data context? I.e. should I be trying to eliminate them?


The “Locate” button certainly should work better than it currently does. We’ll definitely improve on that in the future.

That Cannot convert "" to target type "Uno.Float4" Problem is most likely caused by you having a data-bound Color (or other float4-type) in your code. I suspect you have an Observable somewhere, which at some point holds an empty string or null.

The long list of {x} not found in data context which is only seen during restarts are just transient warnings. Reconstructing the data context takes a while, so this happens. You can just ignore these.

Thanks Uldis. I managed to eliminate all the problems. I had a ux:Property set as string instead of float4.