CircleLayout improvement

Hey there,

I wanted to use CircleLayout and saw that StartAngleDegrees and EndAngleDegrees is a little bit weird. Since the doc

EndAngleDegrees : float UX
The angle on the circle where the last element will be placed.

is wrong.

The example:

<Panel Width="300" Height="300">
  <CircleLayout StartAngleDegrees="0" EndAngleDegrees="180"/>
  <Circle Fill="#ff00ff" />
  <Circle Fill="#7f7fff" />
  <Circle Fill="#00ffff" />
  <Circle Fill="#7fff7f" />
  <Circle Fill="#ffff00" />
  <Circle Fill="#ff7f7f" />

The center of the first circle is on 0 degrees, but the center of the last circle is not on 180 degree. It is more like there is an imaginary 7. circle which center is on 180 degree. This is hard to handle with a dynamic count of elements and without the use of a custom CircleLayout class.

Yes unfortunately it looks like the documentation is wrong, I will look into fixing that.

The elements of the circle segment is arranged in such a way that the first element is placed on StartAngleDegrees and then evenly divided with same spacing following each element.

This is logical for the full-circle scenario, but I agree this is less logical for a partial circle.