Charts problem

Dear Sirs,

I have subscribed to Fuse Professional and try to use the Chart Pro feature in my App.

I have downloaded the attached samples in the fuse-samples repo. and figure out the method used.

I have tried the same method and not getting the same results.

My code inspired from HorzLine Sample.

Here is the screenshot from the App.


and Here is the Screenshot to be.

The code for the UX page is attached below

PS: it’s too urgent to me to solve that problem !


You’ve placed a Grid with a propertional row size Rows="1*,20,20 into a StackPanel. This results in that row having no space (as a vertical StackPanel has no “available space” in the vertical direction).

You can assign a fixed height to the Plot, or Grid. If you’d instead like to fill up the screen space then use a DockPanel to subdivided the space instead of using a ScrollView with StackPanel.