Cannot see chart

I have been trying to use a chart but I have not been able to see fuse render it. The following is my code:

<Page ux:Class="TestPage" xmlns:c="Fuse.Charting">
    <Router ux:Dependency="router" />

     var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
 //    var FileSystem = require("FuseJS/FileSystem");
 //    var CameraRoll = require("FuseJS/CameraRoll");
	// var ImageTools = require("FuseJS/ImageTools");

	var imagePath = Observable();
	var FBSData = Observable();
	var HbMCData = Observable();

    function goBack(args) {

	function initialize(){

			{x: 0, y: 15},
			{x: 1, y: 5},
			{x: 2, y: 10},
			{x: 3, y: 25}

			{x: 0, y: 35},
			{x: 1, y: 45},
			{x: 2, y: 30},
			{x: 3, y: 40}


	module.exports = {
		goBack: goBack,
		FBSData: FBSData,
		HbMCData: HbMCData

    <Panel Color="White">

                <c:DataSeries Data="{FBSData}" ux:Name="FBS"/>
                <c:DataSeries Data="{HbMCData}" ux:Name="HbMC"/>

    		<mob.Button Text="BACK" Clicked="{goBack}" Dock="Bottom" />



So what am I doing wrong here?

You’re not necessarily doing anything wrong here, but it seems your code is missing significant bits for anything to show up. Specifically, I would expect to see you defining c:PlotData, c:PlotTicks, c:PlotAxis and other elements as explained in charting docs.

Taking a look at charting examples could help too.

Hey Uldis,
Actually I got it resolved already after seeing some samples. I have one other question but I will post it in another thread