can we read coordinates of a point in space with fuse ?

Hi guys, i’m looking for a way to read coordinates points (X or Y) of an object in fuse, do such a thing exist?
what i want to achieve is to animate (in translation) a car between points created dynamically, it can be 2 or 3 or more points.
or do we have something in fuse who can help me do that ?

Hi Kobo,

in Fuse, you don’t usually animate stuff between two explicit points, if those points are created dynamically.

If you already know of Translation, then you will likely find a couple of its properties very useful in this particular case. It’s a combination of Vector, RelativeNode and RelativeTo="PositionOffset" that will allow the object to travel in arbitrary direction from its starting point to the node identified by ux:Name="destination".

<Translation Vector="0,0,0" RelativeNode="destination" RelativeTo="PositionOffset" />

You might also need to play around with Anchor and TransformOrigin on the “car” and “points” themselves.

Hope this helps.