Border Styling

I am struggling to find out how to customize the border style of a textbox or whatever elements that have a border. Is it possible for us to have something like we do in the html/css where we can specify border-top, border-bottom, etc?


there are no “borders” in Fuse, but you can achieve similar effects by combining Rectangle with a Stroke, for example:

<TextInput Width="200" Height="48">
	<Rectangle Color="#18f3" CornerRadius="2">
		<Stroke Width="1" Color="#18f" />
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Thanks for the quick tip. The keypoint is to use TextInput instead of TextBox. I got what I wanted with the following:

<Rectangle Layer="Background" MaxHeight="1" Offset="0,12">
    <Stroke Width="2" Color="0,1,0,1" />