Basic tutorial creating an application?

Hi there, I’m just started two days ago with Fuse… and I’m already lost. Yes, the markup rocks and is lot’s of fun. But the simple question is, how to build a real application? The examples really don’t help. They go from zero to overloaded bling bling christmas tree UI. But this is really the last step, not the first.

A tutorial about how to actually write an application would be helpfull. That is, place an navigation drawer somewhere, add some views, fill the whole thing with life. I don’t have any clue, where to put my application logic. And it would be nice, if this isn’t overloaded with to much UI.

Maybe I completely missed the point. But I don’t even know where to place my data and business logic, like global data needed for the app, how (where, and when) to call out to my server. The common stuff you want to get working before some designer starts decorating the christmas tree.

Cheers, Sascha.

We are working on this. And also some new features that will simplify structuring larger applications.