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Bad PlotCurvePoint Behavior in Chart

Hey there!! (=
I have a chart in my App but it does not behave like expected…
The blue line is the visible one, but the red line is the expected (sorry for the horrible drawing :smiley:). So the blue line goes underneath the value of 100, but there is no reason (exept, that it should look nicer). And this is not correct :confused:

Does anyone have a solution? :confused:

this is the excerpt of my code where i define the line:

        <Curve ZOffset="10" StrokeWidth="1" StrokeColor="#000099">
  		<c:PlotData Series="seriesA">
  			<c:PlotCurvePoint Style="Axial"/>
  	<Panel ZOffset="10">
  		<c:PlotData Series="seriesA">
  			<c:PlotPoint > 
  				<Circle Width="6" Height="6" Color="#000099"/>
  				<Circle Width="8" Height="8" Color="#fff"/>

Thanks for Help! <3

I think you need to share more code for someone to try out and test.

As you can see in this example, there is the problem, too. (Visualization\Charting)


It´s the second chart (“QuarterGroups”). The Value of the 5th (in this picture its the 3rd) point is 5, but the line goes under this value.
In school graphs i will miss some points for similiar graph :D:D

You should play with this Curve.Continuity (as well as with Bias and Tension) and Curvepoint (pay attention to TangentIn, TangentOut). Read more in docs

With <Curve Continuity = '-1' /> you’ll have this result https://i.imgur.com/jhmUff5.png

That´s it! Thank you so much <3

With pleasure :slight_smile: