Attribute Comment Syntax for UX Markup

I don’t know if you already have a better way to do this, but perhaps skip (“comment out”) tag attributes that begin with an underscore (_), like so:

<ScrollView _Dock="Top" >         <-- skip Dock attribute as if not present

This is probably a five minute code change but would allow developers to quickly enable/disable attributes.

Pete Alvin
Charlotte, NC, USA

It’s a limitation of XML syntax that it doesn’t have a standard way to comment out attributes. The approach I usually take is to top the line and copy out the original:

<!-- <ScrollView Dock="Top"> -->

I appreciate that (that’s what I do, too). But it SURE WOULD BE NICE just to add an underscore (_)… perhaps consider adding that???

We can consider it, but we don’t really like to expand the non-standard syntax too much. It interferes with other tools, as well as interfering with our tools. We have to support this syntax in a variety of places, including proper round-trip in Preview. It’s unforunately not just a matter of ignoring those attributes in one place.