Attached UX Attributes

What exactly does the docs section of each class “Attached UX Attributes” mean?
I was wondering as a saw that elements have the attribute “clicked” while it is imported from the Clicked Class.

How can we use this ourselves or how is this accomplished by you. I could not find any source code that would describe it to myself.



The difference is only on the Uno level.

Regular properties are declared in the same the class that can possess the property. For example, all elements have Width because it is declared in the Element class.

Attached properties, on the other hand, are declared in a different class from the class that can possess the property. For example, Grid defines Row and Column as attached properties on Element.

The gesture system in fuse Clicked is completely based on triggers and/or attached properties. Elements know nothing about things like being clicked, tapped, swiped etc., this is all defined in external classes. This makes the system very easy to extend or port to new types of input systems in the future, for example virtual reality, TVs or wearables.