App getting crash after selecting date in DatePicker

I am using DatePicker. DatePicker is displaying but when I select a date in Android or scroll in iOS, change date is displayed but after that app is getting a crash.

Using Fuse version 1.4.0 (build 14778)
MacOS 10.12.8
Android Studio- 3.0 and Android OS 8.0.0
Xcode - 9.1 and iOS 11.1.2

Repo of a project:

Thanks, this looks like a known issue. What device are you running it on?

Oneplus 3 and iPhone 6s

This crashes in a similar manner on both devices?

Yes, In Android, after selecting a date, the app gets hang, not taking a touch. In iOS, when Datepicker stops rotation, the app gets a crash.

Would you mind building a small reproduction case/app that I can use to debug? I’ve tried to get this to crash locally with an iphone 6s and I’m unable to do so, both with currently-released fuse and on our internal repo. I have yet to try with android 8, but a reproduction case will help me do so effectively as well.

I already post a project repo link:
Repo of a project:

If you can send me a project which is currently you are testing than I can check my side.

Ok, I’ve got it to break here locally, only in Fuse preview. Will continue to investigate, thanks!

hi everyone,
Is there any thing new about this issue ?
it crashes with me too, in fuse 1.5 and Android 6.1 :frowning:

According to the information on github ticket, it’s still open.

Small update on this; it turned out to be a somewhat deep issue in Uno that caused the simulator/preview to break with these pickers. I was able to isolate the issue, but not until right before I went on holiday, so it sat still for a few weeks. After returning, however, I dug into it, and we were able to find a fix relatively quickly. That’s now merged, but it will take a bit for the changes to bubble up through the entire stack. I expect this to be fixed in 1.7 or 1.8. :slight_smile:

Another update - we’ll actually get this fix into 1.6 it looks like, so I’m gonna go ahead and close this thread :slight_smile: