Android SDK installation error

hello, while trying to install the android sdk and the java runtime kit, i got a success notification for the java kit but the android sdk gave me a timeout error. i have tried to restart my system and begin the installation again but i keeo getting the same failure notice. please how can i get an alternative to this?



I would like you to send the whole output from running fuse install android if possible, however I made a workaround guide that you may follow in the meanwhile.


You may install Android SDK from here: Android SDK and extract it to /usr/local/share/uno/SDKs/AndroidSDK on OS X or %PROGRAMDATA%\Uno\SDKs\AndroidSDK on Windows.

You should then run tools\android from where you installed AndroidSDK with the following arguments update sdk -u -a -t platform-tools,build-tools-23.0.2,android-19,android-21.

For example /usr/local/share/uno/SDKs/AndroidSDK/tools/android update sdk -u -a -t platform-tools,build-tools-23.0.2,android-19,android-21

After that run fuse install android, which should hopefully jump over the Android step and continue installation of the other required 3rd party packages as NDK and Ant.