Android Background Service

Hey guys,

I would like to show you a package I created which is already listed in the community packages section.

Its a plugin for creating long running background services in Android, which can run even when the fuse app is already killed. You can put your own written Java code in the and configure, how long the code is supposed to be executed.
Imagine what you can do with it, down- and uploading things to servers when the app is closed, show reaction on special sensor events, music players which keep play music and many things moreā€¦ its up to your creativity.

Unfortunately its currently only supported for Android devices, but I would welcome if someone contributes a support for iOS and pc preview aswell.

However, I hope it helps some people who want to create long running fuse apps

Have fun,


Cool stuff! :slight_smile: Do you have a plan for supporting iOS as well?

I hope someone else can do that, because I have no apple devices to develop that myself.
however I heard that there is a feature being developed internally which comes up in the next releases. I guess it contains the iOS support in Uno and JavaScript layer :slight_smile: