Alive.Icon Filled icons

Hi Fuse team (: I found some weird behaviour with Alive.Icon.

Issue 1: Icons looks filled in some parts.

(Result in preview)


(Screenshot from docs)

Issue 2: The Color attribute doesn’t seems to work, all icons are black when preview. Or I missing something?

        <Alive.Icon Value="&#xEA68;" Color="Red"/>
        <Alive.Icon Value="&#xEA6B;" Color="Blue" />
        <Alive.Icon Value="&#xEA69;" Color="Yellow"/>
        <Alive.Icon Value="&#xEA6E;" Color="Green"/>



Issue 1 unfortunately looks like a text rendering bug to me, I’ll raise an issue with the team.

However, I’m unable to reproduce issue 2.
Which Fuse version are you running?
Does this happen after building the project again?
Also, can you try with TextColor instead of Color?

Thanks for the reply Sebastian.

Right! I forgot to put my fuse version. I’m using fuselibs public in commit 3f3fb2a52d613744debad30771d64443c2c77c30. With Fuse 1.0.0 build 13808