Add arguments to Callback

As asked here:

the answer is “no” and that the function “gets an argument where .data is the data context from the node the callback sits on”.

However, the object/value passed into the function of the callback isnt useful for much as I see it; I would need an argument.

Is it possible to add an argument, like:

<Callback Handler="{test}" Argument="SomeValue">

or even better:

<Callback Handler="{test}">
    <Argument Name="myArg1" Value="someValue" />
    <Argument Name="myArg2" Value="someOtherValue" />

And that in the funcion test:

function test(myObject)
    var v1 = myObject.get("myArg1");
    console.log(v1); // would print "someValue"


Without knowing your usecase I would say that you should use Observable for whatever data you want to get into JS.

Do you have an example of a usecase for this?