ActionStyle Next Problem

Hello community,

i have two Text inputs.
The first has action style next, when i only click on the first text field and then next i switch to the second text input. Thats great but when i enter text in the first text input and then i click next button the keyboard closes and i not switch to the second text input.

What do i wrong? Or is it a bug in the iOS Simulator?

Could you please post a complete, minimal reproduction that we could copy-paste and run? Please include details on your OS, Fuse version and what target you’re experiencing this on.

Played a little with this code:

		<TextInput ux:Class="MyInput" TextColor="#fff" Height="56">
			<Rectangle Color="#18f" CornerRadius="2" />
		<StackPanel Alignment="VerticalCenter" ItemSpacing="4" Margin="8">
			<MyInput Value="One" />
			<MyInput Value="Two" />

And I do get different behaviour on iOS simulator and a physical device. Simulator has a bit of trouble to keep the keyboard open, but switching between fields didn’t seem to be a problem.

Prefer testing on physical devices.

Hello Uldis,

thanks for this super fast reply.

Below i have my code for you:


        <StatusBarBackground Dock="Top" Background="#fff"/>
<!-- Default View -->
    <Panel ux:Name="PortraitContent" Background="#0009">

		<Panel Margin="0, 0, 0, 0">
		    <StackPanel Alignment="Center" Width="100%" MaxWidth="550" Margin="50, 0, 50, 0">

		    	<TextField TextColor="#fff" CaretColor="#fff" Label="E-Mail-Adresse" PlaceholderColor="#fff8" PlaceholderText="E-Mail-Adresse eingeben" InputHint="Email" ActionStyle="Next" AutoCapitalizationHint="None" Value="{Username}" />

	            <TextField Padding="0, 30, 0, 10" TextColor="#fff" CaretColor="#fff" Label="Passwort" PlaceholderColor="#fff8" PlaceholderText="Passwort eingeben" IsPassword="true" ActionStyle="Done" AutoCorrectHint="Disabled" AutoCapitalizationHint="None" Value="{Password}">
				         <Callback Handler="{login}" />

		            <Text Color="#fff" FontSize="14" Alignment="Right" Margin="0, 15, 0, 5">Passwort vergessen?</Text>

		    <StackPanel Alignment="Bottom">
		        <Text Color="#fff" Alignment="Center" Margin="0, 25, 0, 25">Kostenlos registrieren</Text>
		        <Rectangle ux:Name="LoginButton" Width="100%" Height="60" Color="#4080ff" HitTestMode="LocalBounds" Clicked="{login}" IsEnabled="{allCredentialsEntered}">
		            <Text Alignment="Center" Color="White">Login</Text>
					    	<Change LoginButton.Color="#138" Duration="0.3" />

					    	<Change LoginButton.Color="#ccc" Duration="0.3" />

    	<Move Target="PortraitContent" RelativeTo="Keyboard" Y="-0.5" Duration="0.3"/>


<TextInput ux:Class="TextField" Padding="0, 10, 0, 10">
	<string ux:Property="Label" />
	<Text ux:Name="LabelText" Value="{ReadProperty Label}" TextColor="#fff" Opacity="0" />
	<Panel Height="1" Alignment="Bottom" Padding="0, 10, 0, 0">
	    <Rectangle ux:Name="Stroke" Height="1" Background="#fff8" />
	    <Rectangle ux:Name="StrokeOnFocus" Height="1" Width="0%" Alignment="BottomLeft" Background="#4080ff" Layer="Overlay" Opacity="0" />

		<Change StrokeOnFocus.Opacity="1" Duration=".4" />
		<Change StrokeOnFocus.Width="100%" Duration=".4" />
		<Change Stroke.Opacity="0" Duration=".5" />

    	<Move Target="LabelText" Y="-22" Duration=".2" />
    	<Change LabelText.Opacity="1" Duration=".1" />

Unfortunately I only have an old Windows Phone and no real Android or iOS Device.
I can only test my code with the Simulators.

In that case, for the time being you can assume that this is a Simulator bug and move on with development. I strongly suggest you to get physical testing devices at a later point, when your app nears release.

Hello Uldis,

okay thanks.

Then i thinks this question can be closed.