3D games

I see there are a few classes to handle low-level 3D graphics related things like geometry buffers and textures.

Are there any plans for providing a binding in JS to something like THREE.js? That would be amazing.

Hi brian,

Fuse is for predominantly 2D app UI’s, not for 3D games. You can do 3D transitions in Fuse, but not display 3D models and such.

If you want to use THREE.js, then you should just use THREE.js. No need for Fuse then. If you want to combine 2D and 3D, you could use THREE.js inside a <WebView>. That’s not something I would recommend as a a combination though.

Oh, OK. It seemed to my cursory glance that the pieces of the puzzle were mostly there.


I was thinking that those foundational things could be used to implement whatever THREE.js needed so that JS code could use THREE.js but get the underlying performance of a native implementation.

Granted, THREE.js uses WebGL not straight OpenGL but still… Just an idea!

I wouldn’t recommend THREE.js in a web view either. I’ve tried it and it’s not speedy.