Wrong include type of header for iOS compilation

Hi, i have included in .uno some external code for iOS platform:

[ForeignInclude(Language.ObjC, “QreaderTask.h”, “QRCodeReaderViewController.h”,“QRCodeReader.h”)]

But after start the app preview for iOS platform is in XCode this bug and i must it fix always manually:


Is it some bug in transformation code from fuse to iOS platform, or only i’m doing something wrong ?

Hey Donald!

Are the files included in your project as ObjCInclude, for example as "Includes": [ ..., "QRCodeReader.h:ObjCInclude"]? Then the file should be in a path that’s -Included when building in the generated project such that angled brackets work. If your file is in a subdirectory, for example "Includes": [ ..., "QRCodeReader/QRCodeReader.h:ObjCInclude"], I believe the include path will be QRCodeReader/QRCodeReader.h.

Hope that helps!

… file type “ObjCInclude” is not in allowed include types :frowning:

Allowed Include Types

Glob Folder File UX Source Bundle CSource CHeader ObjCSource ObjCHeader Java Extensions Stuff

Yeah, ObjCInclude was probably a typo. You should use ObjCHeader.