why this error?

Haven’t had issue with fuse 0.32. But after updating fuse to 0.33 and doing uno clean and running app and fuse threw this error on console

Outracks.Simulator.Runtime.TypeNotFound: Type not found: Uno.Platform.iOS.StatusBarStyle
   at Outracks.OptionalNullCoalescing.OrThrow[T](Optional`1 self, Exception e)
   at Outracks.Simulator.Runtime.TypeMap.LoadType(TypeName typeName)
   at Outracks.Simulator.Runtime.TypeMap.AntialiasAndLoad(TypeName typeName)
   at Outracks.Simulator.Runtime.TypeMap.ResolveType(TypeName typeName)

Try iOS.StatusBarConfig instead. I believe StatusBarStyle was a deprecated name

Nevermind, something else is going on here. Can you please upload a project that reproduces the issue?