WhileTrue having issues when being passed Observable(true) for its value

So I have the following, where i want to be able to control wether or not a menu is visible or not by updating an observable boolean. But I get the following error for the below: “Cannot parse ‘menuOpen’ as bool. String was not recognized as a valid bool”. Why would this be the case? A boolean value is parse through?

<WhileTrue Value="menuOpen">
    <Set EdgeNavigator.Active="menu" />

var menuOpen = Observable(true);

module.exports = {
    menuOpen: menuOpen

You need curly braces for the data bound value. E.g. <WhileTrue Value="{menuOpen}">

Also, you’ll want to use a <Change> rather than <Set> since the latter just sets the value once and won’t “unset” when menuOpen becomes false. (More on Set and Change can be found here)


Thank you very much, don’t know how I missed that first part!