WhileCount bug when using both GreaterThan and LessThan

Tested on local preview with Fuse 0.30, 0.29, 0.26 and 0.20.
The following WhileCount trigger always evaluates to true, although it shouldn’t: <WhileCount Items="{list}" GreaterThan="1" LessThan="4">

Full code for repro:

        var Observable = require('FuseJS/Observable');
        var displayList = Observable();

        function add() {

        function remove() {
            if (displayList.length > 0) {

        module.exports = {
            list: displayList,
            count: displayList.count(),
            add: add,
            remove: remove

        <StackPanel Dock="Top" Padding="10" ItemSpacing="10">
            <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" ItemSpacing="5" Alignment="HorizontalCenter">
                <Text Value="Items:" Alignment="Center" Color="#000" FontSize="32" />
                <Text Value="{count}" Alignment="Center" Color="#000" FontSize="32" />
            <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" ItemSpacing="10" Alignment="HorizontalCenter">
                <Panel Width="50" Height="50" Clicked="{remove}">
                    <Text Value="-" Alignment="Center" Color="#fff" FontSize="42" />
                    <Rectangle Color="#ff5722" CornerRadius="2" />
                <Panel Width="50" Height="50" Clicked="{add}">
                    <Text Value="+" Alignment="Center" Color="#fff" FontSize="42" />
                    <Rectangle Color="#4caf50" CornerRadius="2" />

        <Panel Dock="Top">
            <!-- <WhileEmpty Items="{list}">
                <Text Alignment="Center" TextAlignment="Center" Value="No items. Click the + button!" Margin="20" />
            </WhileEmpty> -->
            <WhileCount Items="{list}" GreaterThan="1" LessThan="4">
                <Text Alignment="Center" TextAlignment="Center" Value="Good going. Add some more!" Margin="20" />
            <!-- <WhileCount Items="{list}" GreaterThan="3">
                <Text Alignment="Center" TextAlignment="Center" Value="Right on. Keep pushing!" Margin="20" />
            </WhileCount> -->
        <WrapPanel Dock="Fill">
            <Each Items="{list}">
                <Circle Width="10" Height="10" Color="#18f" Margin="5" />


I don’t see anythign immediately wrong with your code, so I’ll take a look further at Fuse.

I’ve found the problem. The multiple conditions are essentially being treated as or conditions at the momoent, not and conditiosn. Technically it was only meant to support a single condition.

I’ll extend/fix it to work more like WhileFloat.