Webview on top of all pages


My code looks like this

<Panel EdgeNavigation.Edge="Left">
        <DirectNavigation ux:Name="MenuNav" Active="{RootMenuState}"/>
        <PageTemplate Name="1"/>
        <PageTemplate Name="2"/>
        <PageTemplate Name="3">

            <DirectNavigation Active="{PlacesMenu}" ux:Name="PlacesNav"/>

            <PageTemplate Name="root"/> <!-- When you click on an element here, it opens the page "item" -->

            <PageTemplate Name="item">

                        <WebView Dock="Fill" Url="http://www.google.com"&gt;
                            <EvaluateJS Handler="{onPageLoaded}">
                                var result = {
                                    url : document.location.href
                                return result;

        <PageTemplate Name="4"/>

The problem is that the Webwiew is over all other elements, why is that ?


I had the same trouble, this fixed it.


Apperently you canĀ“t put anything on top of a NativeViewHost but you can put some other stuff above WebView

Have a nice day!