WebView Not Displayed in StackPanel

I’ve found that I can’t display a WebView inside of a StackPanel. Is this a bug, or maybe I am misunderstanding how to use it…

The code below will not display anything. If you remove the StackPanel then the html shows up.

Update: A plain Panel seems to work. DockPanel works, but if I then try to use the Dock="Bottom" attribute to place the HTML window below some other UX, the HTML stops showing up again.

<App >
							<head><title>This is some html</title></head>
							<h1>This is a Test</h1>


The children of a StackPanel by default try to take up as little space as possible in a given direction. So if you don’t specify an explicit Height, it is effectively zero. Same applies when you’re docking or aligning visuals in other types of parent containers.

Read more about available space concept to learn how different elements can be placed in app layout.